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Just quickly

If somebody wants you to send them money via western union the chances of it being a scam are 99.9999999999999999999999999%

This is what a scam email looks like

Good day,
           i found this ITEM advert. I need to know if really it's still for sale, the last asking for it and the current condition. Please let me know your method of payment. I prefer paying via a bank cheque . Is this your personal property? In term of shipping i have an shipping agent that take good care of my GOODS, he will be coming for the pickup in your location. Let me know what's on your mind concerning this enquiry..


Thanks for your reply to my mail regarding the price and i want to tell that i am US based but now on a company's assignment to UK.So i will ask my accounting manager in the states to send the cheque to you and it will be a US certified cashier's cheque which you will be able to cash in your bank.So once you get the money cleared in your bank,my shipper will then come to NZ for the pickup and get it with all my other goods in NZ as i do have some other goods there which i want to pickup,so i want you to get back to me with the details for the addression of the cheque to you:
The details needed for the cheque to you:
Full Name:........................
Full Address:......................
Full Phone Number:.............
Hope to hear back from you with the details so that i can then forward it to my accounting manager so as to get the cheque sent to you.



For the details of what they are doing take a few minutes and read the details below

Spammers / Scammers want several things, your credit card details (to rip you off) and or your personal details for Identity fraud.

You will at some stage get spam/scam emails for Viagra and cheap software, the software is illegal and unsupported - what they really want is your credit card details so they can copy it and sell it and your personal details for the same reason - So never ever reply to scam spam and never give them any of your personal details

Read on



As you know, not everybody online is a nice person, there are those who wish to take advantage of you. (Believe it or not)

The best Tip I can give as to anti fraud is apply the rule of the street.

If somebody walked up to you on the street and told you that you won the lottery, well you would not believe them would you. Because you do not know who THEY are and they do not know YOUR name so you would not give them money would you! NO - so if you get an email form somebody who says you won the LOTTERY VIA email (you did not even enter) - IT IS A SCAM, THEY WANT YOU TO SEND THEM MONEY SO YOU CAN GET YOUR WINNINGS. (usually via western union - untraceable) before you send them money give it a big hug and kiss because it will be gone

Spam is like that, these spammers/fraudsters have several things in common, they either want you to send them cash or your credit card details.

If you get spam (crap email form somebody you have never heard of) DELETE IT, DO NOT REPLY TO REMOVE YOUR NAME BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARE.


So if you give your credit card details to somebody who sent you spam you will be ripped off so keep an eye on your bank statement - SO DON'T DO IT

Another common scam is they want to buy what you are selling on a classified web site like ours and at first they want your details so they can get in touch and then then they will send you more money then you asked for (they are relying on your greed) They send you a bank cheque which is either stolen or just made up on thier printer. They want you to bank this cheque BUT BEFORE IF CLEARS THEY WANT YOU TO SEND THEM SOME MONEY BACK VIA WESTERN UNION (they have a lot to answer for) so you send untraceable cash to another country via Western Union and then the bank calls and says THE CHEQUE WAS A Fake AND YOU HAVE NOW LOST $5000 what ever the amount was.


So, have a quick read below, if you get an email and they want you to send money to them overseas, well its a SCAM!!!!!!!

If somebody sends you an email from overseas and they use words like

 "Shipper" as in send money to my shipper
send money to me Via Western Union
I have 20 million dollars (from a dead person) I need to get the money out of Nigeria and I selected you to help me. I will give you 2 million USD (actually you should give yourself an uppercut if you believe this one)
they want you to keep the emails from them confidential
 they send you much more money than the advertised price and want you to bank the cheque and send them money before the cheque clears

The latest scam is they offer you a job working from home as a money sender (money launderer) you give them your bank account details and as if by magic all your money disappears. Also it is HOW THE launder THE MONEY STOLEN FROM THE SCAMS LISTED ON THIS PAGE.

Also do not do the Survey for Cash, the scam is you pay them money and you don't get to do surveys, you get others to join and pay you, just another pyramid scheme

MORE than likely are scammers

If you are not sure, forward a copy of the email to me and I will will let you know if it is a scam or not. My email address in (new address date 10-11-05) spam spider register



The best rule ever is, If it's to good to be true - it probably is!

If you want to know more about the Nigerian scams go to the page where they learn how to do it. The following link is a copy of the letters they send to you.

Some other rules of mine online.

  1. Do not reply to any spam ever. If you do you will notice your spam folder gets bigger everyday
  2. Do not buy from any spam ever.
  3. Do not believe any spam ever.
  4. Do not click any link in spam (it may be a key-logger or virus).
  5. Do not try and unsubscribe to spammers. If you do you confirm the mail address and your email then becomes a confirmed address.
  6. Do not give your credit cards to any company that sent you spam.
  7. Do not send any money to someone you don't know via western union ((if they sent you a cheque which has not cleared (it probably wont))
  8. If someone has paid you with a cheque, wait till it clears even if it is a bank cheque. You may lose the sale (fake sale) but you wont lose your shirt!
  9. Be careful who you give your personal details to. I would never ever buy online from a company that is not in New Zealand. (this does not mean all companies who have New Zealand domain names are honest or dishonest (just be careful). if you really must buy from overseas, ring them during work hours and listen to how they answer the phone. You must be able to contact them. 
  10. I would never use PayPal as they have not replied in person to an email from me with regards to a scam spam.
  11. There are 3 programmes you need to have on your computer and they are free. They will help you monitor your computer but are not foolproof.
    Virus protection for a (new window)
    Anti spyware programme (new window)
    WinPatrol is the best for monitoring your computer for people who try and load stuff on it (new window)
  12. If you place lots of ads online think about getting a hotmail email address for the duration of the ad. After you buy or sell delete the email address and then you wont keep getting spam.
  13. I will think of some more.
  14. If you have any warnings that should be mentioned here email me on




Some irony - already this page has been indexed by spammers and they now spam me with all the scams above, kind of funny really and they address it to the scam email address it, so the email says Dear s.c.a.m, you have won the lottery. Idiots

  • If someone walked up to you on the street and said "you have won lotto and if you give me $2000 dollars in cash I will get it for you" What would you say, well a normal person would say - No!, I do not know you, I never entered the lottery and no I will not give $2000 dollars cash to anybody I have never met.

Well that's what people do all day with these scams, the latest scam the laundering money one is the proceeds from all of the scams, they make so much money from idiots who send money to these bastards. 

So use your common sense.



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Below is the pirated software scam - When you buy a computer with software you are supposed to get a copy of it on CD - the download is the same thing, it is the copy, copied 1000's of times. A lot of computer companies in the 90's got rich by doing the same thing,  in this case the website will be gone in a few days and your credit card details will be used in a lot of countries you have never been to and you wont get your money back even when the programme does not work - So the scam is not the software but getting hold of your real credit card details - use your brain

All for only $200!

Windows XP Pro MS Office 2003
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Pro
Adobe Photoshop CS/8.0
Adobe Pagemaker 7.0
Adobe Illustrator 10 Norton
Systemworks Pro 2003 and lots more....

Below is the copy of the money laundering scam

Are you really looking for job? One of the biggest Finance Company of the East Europe glad to offered excellent work guaranteeing real money for you!! No need to invest or buy products in order to work with us. No money? to start. About us: Realjob-worldwide Company, Latvia was founded in 1995 by a team of antiquities experts. By now our company has grown from a small company with 7 employees to an international group with several representative offices in different countries of the world. Nowadays we are not just selling and buying antiques, but are also dealing with organization of international exhibitions, seminars, tours and many other things. For more information: Our vacancies: Now clients of our company conduct financial operations all over the world including Australia and New Zeland, but due to sufficient perfection Banking service we have some difficulties in translations and the organizations of our business, therefore we planning opening branches in which we require Australia and New Zeland . Now we are looking for financial assistants that will be responsible to accept payments from our clients. At this moment we are provide and offered work at home, after opening offices in Australia and New Zeland, you will have an opportunity for working in our offices as well. Today we are looking for financial assistants that will be responsible to accept payments from clients through bank transfer, because of imperfection of bank system Australians and New Zelands partners our clients have some difficulties with sending of bank translations and checks to the East Europe. You can make 10 % commission from every transfer you will receive through your in relation to our business. The rest needs to be transferred to our company's representative by Western Union, all Western Union fees are paid by us. On average you will be making 2,000 US Dollars per week. We are believe that you can get good future and achievements in our business. If our offer is interesting to you, please feel free and sending a mail to our HR office. For more information our crew of Human Resources is ready to answer all your questions. P.S : If you are ready to begin work with us do make registration at us on a site and receive from our site personal your account. After registration at us on a site during 24 hours we shall send you on e-mail contract and at once we shall start to work with you. Please go to click " REGISTER" Sincerely yours, Realjob-inworld Company, Latvia (Central europe) .