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Sell or Buy your Whatever in NZ

Until further notice, you can email us a photo with your ad and we will place it for free

Limited to two photo's, you can send more and we will pick the best 2

This is what you need to know.

  1. All photos need to be sent to us via email. in .jpg format only please and the image should be no larger than 700pixels wide, try and make it at least that large, some people send us images so small you cant see anything. We then thumbnail it (make it smaller) so it loads quicker and then who ever is looking at the ad clicks on the image and the full size picture loads as if by magic.

  2. No external links can be given as we don't have control over your web site and we have been caught before with dodgy links.

  3. Place your ad as normal and then email us a photo or 2, or 3, when you email us your photo, let us know the details of your ad. (so we know where the photo goes)

email Photo

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