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For Sale -  Barcode Products Limited www.barcodeproducts.co.nz for all your barcoding needs. We are one of just a few barcode specialists in New Zealand that supplies customers with mobile computing, barcode scanner, software and label printers, labels and ribbons and we have been since 1994. We’re 100% New Zealand owned and proud of the fact we have no allegiance with any provider so we are able to give you 100% independent advice. We like to spend the time understanding your needs and ensuring we match the right product to your requirements. We dedicate time each day to exploring new technology and new products that become available, so if you can’t see what you want on our website, please feel free to ask. Based in Christchurch we are able to service all areas of the country and can ship products quickly and efficiently when they are in stock. Nic Leete is our resident expert in all things barcode, she enjoys working with our clients to ensure a successful outcome. Leeann Redman is Nic’s backup, she always enjoying matching the right product to the right purpose. I am Jacqui de la Cour, the owner. I am generally beavering away behind the scenes ensuring all is running efficiently and effectively. Give us a call on 03 3411345 or 0800 86BARCODE (0800 862272633)
Name: Barcode Products Christchurch Email: service[at]barcodeproducts.co.nz Landline: 033411345 Island: South Region: Christchurch Location: Sockburn Date: May-15

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Treasury tag supplier to New Zealand